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Battle trophies feel lackluster

Just barely won a battle of my 15’s vs a Non Bot opponent with 18’s and 17’s and even with it being the 3rd win and triggering win streak bonus trophies I got 10+3 for 13 trophies… my trophies were 37xx vs their 32xx and have had similar results beating higher leveled better geared toons and my trophy difference was only 200 higher and with win streak bonus was 10+5 for 15 trophies… This feels terrible and like an absolute waste of time when Bots that are easily taken down give the same trophies. When the pop up happens matchmaker times out and offers us the option to “Battle bots for Less trophies” I often choose to wait and battle a real opponent cause the bots are no Challenge and only give 10-15 trophies and I don’t want to “Battle for less trophies”. I guarantee that if I’d have lost to either an opponent 200-500 trophies lower I would have lost 25-50 trophies… and with the way your event matchmaker is… People rarely push passed Underdark league so the events are at least completable. So now anything from 2500-4000k trophies is a cesspool of 18-20’s with low trophies so even when you beat these much higher leveled and geared toons You get the same amount of trophies as a Bot… it feels Terrible. There needs to be a minimum of 25 trophies for Choosing to battle a person over a bot when the pop up asking happens. There needs to be some kind trophies bump if you beat someone who is 3-5 levels of toon or gear higher than you to at least get you closer to that 60 trophy Max possible. There needs to be a trophies bump for win streak. Maybe The differential of both players Highest trophies ever could help factor in for bonus trophies to also punish people for sand bagging or never trying to climb leagues every month and just sit at the lowest arena feeding on bait…

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