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Battle UI design

When opponent players move to the last row of the area, their HP bar gets completely hidden. So it’s just sort of guess work if an attack will kill them or not.

Also, there should be a way to stack buffs and debuffs around the hexagon on a character’s bar. Currently it seems to only show the latest buff or debuff, hiding all the others. Yet I’d love to see the AC+ icon with 1,x2,x3,x4 etc on it. Poison with 1,x2,x3 etc. Attack + 1,x2,x3 etc. all around the hexagon on the character instead of just the single one showing the last buff or debuff.

Trying to click on an opponent character during battle to see its list of buffs and debuffs is hard with the timer. And what’s worse, when the turn comes back, you have to click on the regular attack again to get back the selection or clicking on the opponent does nothing. When the timer is at 2 or 1 seconds clicking back to the regular attack followed by clicking up to the opponent character to attack sometimes results in Time’s Up.

Show the icons in a little circle with the number of times they are stacked. I need to know which toon has deathward. Cause when it’s buried under an AC+ icon and I kill that character and it resurrects, that is a bad time to discover death ward still had another turn left and hadn’t cleared yet. I need to know when it has counter attack or reflect damage so I can do something else. Knowing which character(s) has block on not just AC- or Attack +.

Really great to see these fixed/added.


These are great points and I agree with all


I actually came here to suggest exactly, pretty much word for word what you have requested! Please oblige us Ludia!!!

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It’s also deceiving when you are actually able to cleanse away or steal a buff but the buff UI still shows it on the opponent. Saarvins that use counter attack and before the counter attack wears off re active it but somehow the ability doesn’t show up above their head and it’s actually active. Deathward should definitely have a number next to it to show how many turns are left.
The banner that pops up showing which attack opponent just used sticks around too long. If an opponent has moved to the back row both the banner of explanation and the turn timer can get in the way of targeting the opponents toon. Leads to frantically tapping as the timer ticks down… especially if they stack up toons one behind the other the toon in front row is covering the hit box at the rear toons feet…

I always miss the banner that says what the opponent just did. I’ve been trying to train myself to focus on it first. But usually I’m watching the action and then trying to figure out what my opponent did to fry me and the banner is gone.

With that said, here is no reason it needs to be dead center.

To the OPs point. The GUI issue with blocking the rear row toons should have been fixed ages ago.

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