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Battle weirdness


So, I have just started Mt.Sibo, I don’t play the game religiously so I’m quite a low level. Anyway, I just played a battle with someone and I picked my dino etc and the opponent, just had ‘thinking’ for about 10 minutes. I thought there was a game glitch, so I restarted the game completely… When I re-logged on, it said that the opponent had won! That doesn’t seem fair and seems like there are people just waiting out a battle until the other person restarts and they automatically win. Surely that’s some sort of a cheat? Anyway, I love the game and I just think I lost a bunch of points unfairly. Sorry to gripe :slight_smile:


Known glitch.
If it shows you waiting more than 60 seconds, reboot the app, you are probably in a battle!

It happens, just be aware.

FWIW, you can tell when it happens to someone else, they take the full time to pick an action, and take the first available. It’s why you usually lose. But, it sucks because the battle takes forever…

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Ah! Well, that sucks! But thank you for answering! :slight_smile:

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This issue has been brought up time and again… Ludia will tell you it’s your internet connection that’s at fault…

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Ah, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: