Battle What!


So was about to deliver the killing blow to the last critter to win the match, and then bam… I lost the match 0-3… What the heck is that all about


can you go more into detail?


Hackers. There are hackers from android republic and sbenny sites now in the game. Also ios gods site has them too. If you are legit, devs do not care about your experience as long as you pay them money


Mine went blank when I was about to collect a T. rex and also a rare
What the heck!


We’ll have to write down every name of an opponent when the match starts.


I won my battle 3 to 1. But after I delivered the final hit, it said the opponent won and flipped our wins saying I lost 3 to 1 and treated me like a loser with lost coins and no incubator.


I just lost a match I easily could have won because my move set for my delophosaurus qent blank and I couldn’t choose moves. The only move it would do is the simple bite move it does. Idk if it’s a hack or because the game has been screwing up all night but I was really really mad about that.


i’m having the same issue, had 3 game on the trot that have done this!

Not happy seeing I don’t even have the AR option of the game either. Might be one of the games that gets consigned to the back until the hacking and AR is fixed!!


I don’t think this is always hackers. I had a battle recently where i was about half way through, the game dropped me back to the main screen and said i won 3-0. Even gave me a rare incubator. However, when i clicked back into the battle screen it reloaded the fight i was in and finished it correctly. I won but only got a normal incubator. Question is, if i had waited and the battle ended for the other player would i have kept the victory/incubator. Basically I’m guessing there is some kind of bug based on connection losses during games. This is not to say there is not a hacker issue as well… just that it may also be game bugs.