Battle with friends, creature sleep , humans on track , short 5 to 6 second animation

Hey can you create battle with friends with nor profit nor loss it goona attract player but clan and all only in the best side of the screen there will be small button which consists three face and represent your all friends who have connected in Facebook ( I am talking in technical way ) ,and the creature which have too for the battles and not use must not sleep and the creature use for battle with friends none of them sleep because no one will try to battle it with friends, and put human walking on track even if you see your post in Instagram and Facebook the base you have send there is no road I have an idea put compulsory on road and show people that the roads which are connected with creature are onely earning money not unconnected one , create some animation of 5 to 6 second while choosing the dinasaure like when we go for Battle the dinasaure cage is opening with red alert sound and the truck back is open the creature going inside with the sound of truck bang in every step and while aquatic battle shoe them that the battle is happening in the sea not in the lake because they could not come on my lake so it happening in the sea the container ship or military ship has came which is releasing one by one creature in the sea must show the typhoon has came the sea is unstable , when any creature is escaped please do not play that worst game tap and win game it is better to have fight with that dinasaure releaseing three dinasaure air amphibian and carnivore or Herbivorus to search on land and (I know you are thinking that these updates goona take huge file but no if you try to create in unreal engine of unity 3d ,I would suggest unreal engine it give realistic view and give good grafix I am not promoting them just helping you if you give two hand we must Give one hand ) hey I didn’t think these updates goona decrease player it gonna increase player and if any person has not opened aquatic not let him download it could reduce file and load for him there is not so many task only 4 task I you didn’t do it than I have to look for another game or create my own with crazy ideas which I have even I belong to commerce stream do selling and marketing is not hard for me I know how does play store work I belong to great India hey don’t take these word negative view it only showing that we need these updates after this you goona make money I only want one platform in your to create my dinasaure PC game you sell it and earn or I want to meet Jurassic world domination starcast