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Battle with friends in strike events

My brother and I are both low levels 10 and 9 and both struggle on battling we would love if you could battle the same strike event with more than one person but the rewards would be decreased or spit limiting an advantage the problem I find with the stike events is that it only helps better players when I battle a semi difficult I find myself only getting less than 200 dna. When we did a difficult strike event and I got lucky the rewards were so much better. What do you think about the strike events?

The white and scent strike events are typically geared towards lower level players. Once you get to the blue and yellow towers that’s when it gets more difficult and being low leveled makes it harder to battle towers with dinos 3 to 4 levels above your own. Yellow towers depending on what dino they use is hit or miss. It’s all in the RNG and how well you play your strategy.

Not all towers are meant to be won by everyone, and that’s fine. Once you start getting better dinos you’ll be able to win these towers.
Also, always check the forum because some nice ppl like @Pepito_Aie and @Hersh show us the way to victory