Battleground errors


Started a battle, after counting down the entire 2 minutes my battle should have been cancelled when no opponents showed up. It froze at the end of the countdown so I exited the game and closed it out. When I returned I had LOST a battle. NOT COOL

Having troubles in battle

Same thing here and I have a screen shot as well.


It’s happened to me several times. Def not cool


Over the last week i have struggled to win any battles and tonight i figured out why. Lets say im using the velociraptor and i hit pounce once my turn come ot changes it to strike every single time and its happening with all my dinos. I pick a move and when it goes to use it it changes it to the weakest move. Can someone please help!


I’ve had that happen to me once this week and then suddenly all that was available was the weakest move on my screen. I went to screenshot it and before I could, the other cameback. But still only used the weak one. Weird.