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Battleground level caps

Anyone else think there should be a level cap per battleground to stop the cowards cheating the system by sticking some level 16 dinos amongst their team of boosted 26+ team?

Why these bedwetters think that is “winning” in the first place is beyond me and highly amusing… Its akin to an MMA fighter in their prime beating up kittens and claiming they are “undefeated”… But thats another issue for psychologists to work out rather than ludia Devs.

Nah. I don’t really think that’s something we should be focusing on.
Seems like a non-issue.

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Wish I didn’t have to focus on it. Honestly had a stream of it lately… Barrage of being matched up with dinos 7 levels higher and boosted. When I check their team after they have 2 level 12 stuck in there to rig it.

Wasn’t really something that bothered me till the past few weeks. Maybe I’m just unlucky atm with it and it will die down again!

I run into this once in a while but the level 16 dino’s are the new ones like they are trying them out. I do the same thing. I have level 20-21 teams but like to try out the new dino’s when they hit level 15 just for the fun of it.

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