Battles against mega dino bosses


It would be a nice change of pace to battle against mega dino bosses. Where all of your friends in your friends list participate. After taking down the boss dino, all that participated get prizes. Maybe even have specific dinos do more damage against the boss that event.


That’s called a raid boss.


Actully they do this in jurassic world the game and it would be awesome if they implemented it here.


We already have mega bosses haven’t you tried the lvl 30 strike events? If you wanna raid go do a Pogo raid imo raiding is kinda one of the worst features of Pokemon go because of how they distribute prizes and multi account/device users getting all the spoils/ex raids and everyone playing legit getting nothing while the multi accounted brags about their 5th shiny legendary. Don’t bring that crap to JWA !!!


No, i left pokgo being lvl 40 when raids came out and i must play togheter whit 20 guys i dont know of nothing, i prefer the autist mode when all i have is by my work alone


Would really rather they don’t bring in raid bosses the way they had done with Pogo. I prefer completing my Dinodex without having to rely on others.


Great idea but they have to first fix DoT