Battles against people or simulated bots?

I have been playing this game for years and paying the $10 a month too. I really like this game. I literally own every Jurassic dinosaur at Level 40 (I don’t play Aquatic or Cenozoic), multiples of many, includung 7 Level 10 Indoraptors. I can put up a 3000+ on any Shake The Earth tournament using minimal resources. Maybe I’m not very smart or just gullible, but I have recently concluded that none of the battles we do are live. I know this because of behavior. I will have a player totally dominated and I will try to push them to quit by never attacking vs just killing him with an 8 shot. It never happens. Because we are playing AI-based bots. And I do not like the way Luida has intentionally deceived me for years into thinking they were live. I wanted to vent and get other opinions before I quit a game that I’m seriously invested in, and did enjoy up to recently.

For the fun in the game it makes absolutely no difference to me if the opponent is a bot or not. And it is definitely a bot.


We all know they are bots. It’s actually fairly obvious, and everyone on this forum loves the game regardless (I wouldn’t play it otherwise, as waiting for the game to match you up with an appropriate opponent would be incredibly tedious in tournaments especially). Yeah Ludia could be a little more up-front about it, but how in any way has that actually impacted your game? I guarantee if you were against real players you would have lost more matches so if anything, their “deception” falls in your favor. Regardless, if that bothers you so much, then Jurassic World Alive may be more what you are looking for.