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Battles and difficulty

Maybe I am not up in the lingo of the game so I am not sure what I am reading in the already listed questions. I have been in the battle arena for months … should I drop until I get stronger dinosaurs or stay and fight? Not getting anywhere so battles are boring.

I think during those points in the game were you cannot progress, just focus on getting DNA, don’t worry about trophies at that time.

I make sure to have a timed incubator all the time, shoot as much as I can, use the sanctuary items, and get my battle incubator when I have hit a ceiling.

You can try out other dinos during this time too since trophies are not the goal.

Once you have some dinos leveled up or a new one to try out, go for trophies again. I do like 2 or 3 rushes for trophies a month since only your high count matters, the rest of the time I don’t care if I win or lose. I do however try to make one of those times the end of the month so I can start the next month in a good position.


alot wont say this but imitation might be your best chance. compare your team to your opponents. get your base team up and leveled thenswap out your weaknesses. no pay will be slower and thats fine, just work on improving your weaknesses.

the plan should always be to gain trophies. thats how you gauge your team. fight as much as you can, you need the incs and worst that can happen is you lose…

you will stop losing once you are ready to increase with your team. you then plateau and increase when your team increases.