Battles are all AI Bots?

I recently fell down 500 trophy points on non tournament battles (pvp)just to fill up 4 incubators. They were all definitely 100% AI. Even preemptive moves failed every time. There was no way every player were predicting my prediction of their next move. Miracle critical attacks every time and stun but no stuns for me…I’m sure some people have chat off but everyone I faced didn’t respond to my responses which makes it even more Ai. I am not mad, but just want to know if I am playing vs a real player or Ai for each match. But obviously today I only faced AI and it makes sense bc in the country I live JWA is not a popular game. If Ludia doesnt have the ability to match player vs player just say it each match and not fake it.
It would be nice for all real players to start with “good luck” to know you’re human. I hope this will become a trend for all to say good luck before battle starts to know if it is a BOT or not.

Don’t see any point in discussing it then

How do you know bots can’t use emotes?

There used to be a well known YouTuber that insisted every battle was ai in this game. I played him a couple of times, remembered the exact moves and dinos we both used and asked him outright how that could be ai…
No answer was forthcoming.

Since way back then with the introduction of alliances and discord channels etc… more and more people find themselves playing people they know within the game. We have many players in our server that regularly face each other in pvp.

This doesn’t mean ai doesn’t exist, far from it, many players would love the opportunity to play ai as they are generally easier matches to gain the dbi.

It’s not AI. It’s just the RNG.

And most players have the emotes turned off, because it’s incredibly annoying and condescending in a PvP fight.


You’d be surprised how easy it is to predict what the opposing player will do. You play this game long enough, you’ll eventually start noticing the patterns of how other players use their creatures in PvP, what they’re likely to have on their team, how each creature is boosted, and most importantly, their Resistances and movesets; for example, if my Mammolania is up against a Quetzorion and both are at full health, and I have either my Diorajasaur, Trykosaurus, and Thor on my team, I’m immediately swapping my Mammolania out. Why? Because my Mammolania’s attack would make short work of any Quetzorion, and knowing how Quetz’s Invincibility works, with those three creatures, the Invincibility Shield won’t last longer than the following turn.

Knowing all that is the key to exploiting them as best you can, aside from hoping the RNG’s feeling generous.


They are not AI. This conversation has happened many times, and trust me, you just had a bad run - unless you chose AI.
Your location isn’t relevant here. Your trophy count dictates the matches - unless you are in Nublar.
I’m constantly playing against people who I recognise, and the banter afterwards can be entertaining.
Who needs emojis when your better half just kicked you all over the arena?
Our emojis were done face to face, and he definitely isn’t AI!


The “good luck” at the beginning sounds polite but I’ve had people using that just to see if I have emotes turned on so they can spam the taunts and yawning later depending on if they are winning or losing.


You know we just had the monthly reset do you? For the next two weeks, all the top players have been deranked and are all squeezed down, and as such are pushing everybody down. In a couple of weeks, you’ll get back to your previous level, until the next month reset… This effect is worst if you’re in the library or spheres, but is often felt way down in the arenas…

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It will tell you if it was a bot after the match.
If it’s JWABattlebot it’s a bot.
If it’s a player name it’s well… a player.

The ai used to kick in below aviary after losing 2 or 3 matches back to back , then you battle ai till you win. Aviary & above unless you choose ai cuz you can’t get a match then it’s always players, some of the bot names give it away most of the time, but I can’t remember any of them, that is unless they’ve changed it , been a while since I was in Lockwood house.