Battles are getting dumber and dumber by the minute


For the love of God give me the option to choose my team… what good does it do me when you pick the worst possible grouping to fight with… either give us that choice or bring the team requirement down to 4 so it’s the 4 I myself choose


If you level up your dinosaurs and choose 8 that you like, then you will always be satisfied. If you think they’re bad, then switch it up. Every grouping is a winnable team.


Dont get me wrong… I have the 8 that do the most work for me… but it’s hard to strategize when they pin the wrong dinos against who I’m fighting… which is usually stego, mono, stegodeus, pretty much what everyone uses in almost every match…


I think the purpose of the randomization is to make battles different each time and it helps to even the playing field. If everyone got to choose the 4 that they want, it would become more uniform across the board and then it would get boring soon after that. Making it randomized forces us to rethink strategies with any team variation we have.


Doesn’t really level the playing field when it takes my 4 lowest dinos that dont compliment each others attacks and put me with someone who’s rocking 2 to 3 level 20 dinos… and I’m at like 12 to 15 in level dinos… their randomization can suck it


Sounds like you just need to level up your dinos to match the higher levels or your opponents! Happy hunting!


Sounds like they need to work on their matchmaking balancing


They choose the dinos… can obviously see what levels they are… how hard is it to pin someone close to that… close to what they had chosen for me


It’s called Rng. I’ve gotten a bunch of bad draws in a row myself. It sucks, yes, and I’ve lost 'cause of it, but lately with the team I have, I’ve been able to turn it around and regardless if I win or lose. At that point, I learn more about what my dinos can and can’t handle. It’s all about strategy and how well you use your dinos.


Everyone says that… rng… I’m not familiar with the term… dont really play games like this let alone like it enough to join the forums lol buuuuut here we are… so… RNG… what’s that stand for?


Ramdom Number Generator. It’s in every game in existance, even Go Fish. It’s nothing you can control…unless you’re a hacker.


Go fish… like the card game? Lol I donno about you but I know how to stack a deck lol in my favor is a different story


Point being, it’s everywhere. Can’t say much for card games; I don’t play them much. Though I’ve learned I’m good at Blackjack.


I’m more of a poker guy myself… blackjack I was never really good at


Dunno if I’d understand Poker well; it looks fun but super confusing. All I know is, you want that Royal Flush (pretty sure that’s the insta-win hand, could be wrong). Blackjack I’ve managed to play well on a website called Pogo (yes, before “PoGo” became a thing). It has all kinds of games, like casino-based and Mahjong.


Bah you just want to win lol… depends on which type of poker you’re playing… I’ll only okay texas hold em… in that it’s pretty much trying to have the best hand but also bluffing when necessary… try to outsmart or outplay your opponents


Poker has the same kind of probability that you are displeased about in JWA. Are you allowed to ask the dealer which cards YOU want to have when playing poker? Nope. Any variation of a hand COULD win depending on how you strategize in the game. With JWA, you get dealt 4 out of the 8 and you strategize with them.

I know you are also saying its unbalanced when the opponent has higher level dinosaurs. The system doesn’t match you with opponents who have the same level dinosaurs. It matches based on the trophies you have. Your opponents are bound to have a higher variation in dinosaur level because everyone collects dna differently. But trophies narrow it down to MOST of the people who would be around and within your range. It sucks when your opponent has higher level dinosaurs but that’s life. There’s always a bigger fish. But can they be defeated? Yes.


I think the 8 choices for 4 random picks is the worst part of arena it commonly takes me like 8 battles just to be able to test out a new creature that I have created. Also when you are on a winning streak it feels like you get picked the worst team possible and put against someone’s best team possible and then if you win there you start fighting the insane bots with doubles of a legendary dino like stegodeus or two indominus feels bad man!! Need to win at least 2 out of three battles every three battles in Sorna to climb the ladder at all on top of this feels real bad!


Only way I’d be ok with the random picks is if I wasnt entirely satisfied with its choices it would give me one free swap to put one in of my choosing… then maybe I’d be ok with it


It would be boring playing the same dinos every battle. I’d prolly stop playing.