Battles are now officially boring

It’s the same insanely boosted dinos over and over and over and over. Utahsinoraptor; speed a million hit powe 3 trillion 55 billion health; draco speed 850k hit power infinity health 2.5 million. This game is getting boring. Oh well…rant over lol


I’m surprised you’ve only just noticed this !
It’s been like this ever since the rat and boosts were introduced .

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You talk about Utasino and not about Thor? There are, like, five times more boosted Thors out there than Utas…

But yes the boosts have made things even more boring… Now it’s way harder for someone to change a member of the team, 'cause you need boosts for that… So players spend on what they feel safe, which are mostly the same creatures everybody uses…


I’ve noticed it. I guess I just dealt with it hoping things would eventually change.

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It’s getting ridiculous how the boosts impact the game. The boosted Thor’s, Utas, and Draco have made it impossible to compete. Here lately the boosted Allosinosaurus has been the newest one that has the attack and speed boosted through the roof. I for real had to fight a Tyrannolophosaur with a boosted attack of 1955!!! It’s crazy

I think that by partially suppressing the evacuation ability of the Indomunux leaves such an emblematic animal in bad shape, in addition to how difficult it is to acquire this legendary, I would like to see him again in his glory days.

At this point I don’t even think they can reverse the boosts after all the money everyone has poured into them. They just keep selling them & I keep losing battles & buying them…


Doesn’t help that the matchmaking is all messed up. No matter what trophy range I’m in I still play the same people. Some are over 700 trophies higher then me. It’s alityle ridiculous. Here’s my list. I’m currently at 4700 trophies.image

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Where do you buy boosts from bacause it’s not in my market place?

It’s not every day. Only on weekends and maybe Wednesdays I think.

I’m in the same boat. It is incredibly hard to climb always facing people hundreds of trophies above. Amazing how some of these weak teams manage to get that high as well. I guess having level 29’s mixed with level 24’s on my team really messes with the matching.

I just lost 14 in a row I’m not a real low lvl but no point in playing when the Dino’s worked so hard for can just be beat in 1 move by a dino 7 lvls lower then yours just because they can pay more then I can

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Utasino is the Thor of Sorna Marshes.


I think that the changes to Evasion have really hurt the viability of Indominus Rex, especially considering how hard it is to acquire. I would like to see him again in his glory days.

I just don’t understand how if I’m at 5300 trophies or 4700 I play the same dinos. I get that it goes by team strength but it’s a little ridiculous. Theoretically the lower you go the easier the teams should be, not go lower and face the same teams

The big problem is that some opponents are from a different arena. It they allow this to happen what’s the purpose of arena?

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I’m at 4800 and just played someone that is at 5400. It’s broken. At least trophies don’t mean a thing

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Just faced an indoraptor boosted…speed :154; hit power:1700; health: 4458…i just set the phone down. Is it actually fun to have all your battles last 3 moves?

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Can’t even battle without it freezing or booting from match. It’s terrible!! They need to step up and fix this…

That’s not even really a highly boosted dino…

Just an FYI it gets a lot more higher then that lol

I always face players boosted tier 7 for speed so 154 is nothing