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Battles are TOTALLY Broken Now


I just finished posting my… well, not my first bug report of the day. >:-(

I just won a battle, and did not get an incubator as a result; I got my coins but the incubator was greyed out with text telling me all slots were full. The problem is, I only have 3 incubators in my inventory and the 4th slot very clearly says, “SLOT AVAILABLE.”

This is on the heels of a battle in which my Monolophosaur hit a Parasaurolophus with a Distracting Rampage, which is supposed to reduce the target’s damage by 50%… and got hit back 100%. (Note: the Para is supposed to be susceptible to this reduction.) The Mono then hit the Para with a Distracting Strike, which is also supposed to reduce the target’s damage by 50% (plus the two combined in any order is supposed to reduce the target’s damage to zero for one turn, which I’ve used often in the past) – and got killed with a 100% return hit.

This is after multiple timeouts trying to get into battles, plus another battle that suddenly cut to that stupid timeout message in the middle of a move, plus a session where I stared at the “Waiting for Opponent” timer reading “0m 0s” for over 10 minutes until I force-quit the app, then signed in to discover I had lost the nonexistent match 3-2 (along with 22 trophies).

All this, plus a lot of less damaging episodes and one total crash, has gone down in just the last five hours.



Did the paralophasaur use superiority strike that cleanses distraction?

All the timeouts are very horrible.

If waiting for match ever continues beyond one minute, restart. You are in a battle.