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Battles are unfair


Is any one having a avrage level of dinos with 12, and going up against people or bots with 18 level dinos ?


Match-ups are based on your trophy count, and knowing the number of players at any given time, you’re not generally likely to fight a bot under 3000 trophies.

Unless you lose a lot, in which case I’m told they take pity on you and put you up against bots so you have a better chance of winning.


Dino levels don’t really mean much tbh I wouldn’t obsesses about them. I can take out teams with L20+ 'saurs, with even my L11-13 dinos. Learn to battle, use strategy, and make your team work well together are the only tips I can give. :wink:


If you lose twice, I believe, you get bots till you win again. For the most part that’s fine as it gives you a chance to come back again. At the top end of the Arena though I would expect bots to be the challenge. Surely that’s the point to the current end game competitive element?