Battles arena


Bugs bugs bugs.
In the gold arena at 3rd battle I win the incubator of the other battle
213 coins…
Does anyone cares about?
Apends many times…

3 days later and the problems are unsolved.
Getting tired of this…
Thinking leaving the game!!!
And nobody tells nothing…
Thank God didn’t spend any money.
If this problems persist will leave the game without spend anything…
Bad for them!!!


@Hersh @Pateradactyl


i have nothing to say just wanted to tag you guys @wrothgar :rofl:


wheres my tiny violin when i need it…


:rofl: love these threads


dont spend money on the game, spend on your connection bro :grin:


spend on super VIP


I think there needs to be a category for Rants… it’d make all these threads a lot easier to find (and More fun to read)
what do you think @roshansoma?


well said! mods should see this haha