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Battles & Brawls: Suggested Balance Changes

So far I’ve had a great time playing battles and brawls, but there are a few things that are beyond frustrating and most of them can be solved quite easily.

  1. Unwinnable games - Unfortunately, if a player with a team that vastly out-levels yours is currently ranking up and happens to run into you, there is virtually nothing you can do to win unless they disconnect. I think to combat this perhaps if a match has a total level difference of more than 5, the lower-level player can have the option to concede immediately and maybe only lose half the trophies.

  2. Longshot bow ranger - I get that this extremely powerful effect is fine to have in campaign and challenge mode, but it simply has no place in battles & brawls since often the match is completely won or lost based on who gets their ranger (and if they do, if they have sorceress or mage, the match is completely over unless you can CC and kill Saarvin before he pushes you back). I have been tracking my win/loss record and at my current rating of 2200 I hold a record of 92-15. Many of my games are won with an AoE “can’t move” opener from my mage or sorceress into a push back from Saarvin and then I proceed to pick the enemy apart and never take any damage regardless of who my other units are. I can then queue back into the same player and have a completely fair and fun match with less-broken units or have the same combo used against me in return. The game is completely over if you can get this combo to go off for you and completely removes any chance of having any interactive gameplay since it puts you so far ahead/behind. In fact, out of my 15 losses, at least 9 of them were lost due to exactly this and I can tell you it is extremely frustrating to have your melee/ranged units in the back row unable to move forward for 3 turns while the enemy ranger rains down a volley of arrows from 3 lines back. At the very least allow us to skip turn instead of having the countdown hit 0 and reducing our next turn timer to 5 seconds.

  3. Going first - I’m not sure what to do about this one, but it is very clear that going first gives you a massive advantage over the other player and I’d be curious to know the W/L statistics of going first vs. going second.

These are just first impressions and I’m sure there are better ways to fix what I have identified as potential issues.