Battles freeze a lot

Why do my battles freeze so often? Running an ipad mini 4

Hey Sprectomegakai, there are a lot of reasons why that might happen but try closing any background applications you have opened while playing the game and see if that helps with the freezing. The troubleshooting steps on this thread could help as well: Stuck on loaded screen of game?

Feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key if you’re still having issues, and they might be able to provide some additional troubleshooting.

Using an iphone 8+ and It’s been a huge issue for me aswell. Can’t even play one decent match without having to close the app, and restart, and hope that my dino is not preselected. Sometimes it’s not just once but twice I’d have to close the app. Stop playing arenas for the past couple days. Battling is supposed to be fun not stressful lol.

Hackers are an issue for another time.

I have been having the exact same on a Huawei P30. Optimising before playing and it is showing i have 3 gb available ram so this isn’t a device performance issue. I am either on WiFi 30mb or 4g with full bars so it isn’t network. Getting to the point where there is no point playing battles as Ihave lost in excess of 300 trophies over the past weeks that I should have one due to the battle freezing and then when it comes back showing battle lost. I am assuming it is carrying on in the background and selecting my basic attack or selecting a random Dino… Melaning I am losing due to the a bot choosing for me. Shame that 8 have found so many forums and players reporting this but ludia seem insistent 9n telling people to clear cache or close background apps when that that isn’t the issue.

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