Battles freezing


I’ve had a lot of issues with the Battle Arena lately. Mostly it has to do with the battle freezing. This happens in all phases of the battle. Its cost me to lose many times. Can this issue be fixed?
I’ve read that many ppl are having a similar issue.


Hey krazygood, closing any background applications you’re not using while playing the game might help with the freezing. If your game is backed up onto a Facebook, Google Play store, or Game Center account, try clearing the cache of your device to free up some memory.

Feel free to contact our support team at with your support key if you’re still having issues.


It’s the “OPPONENT NAME” glitch-bot. I was locked out of battle three times last night because of it. Just erase that particular bot, Ludia. How difficult is that?


I don’t think it’s a particular bot. I think it’s a glitch that intermittently affects all bots.


I’ve only ever seen that happen with that particular bot. I fought other bots last night, and they didn’t freeze me out.


What I meant is I don’t think there is a bot named ‘OPPONENT NAME’.


It could be a hacker. Who knows? I only ever see that name show up when I’m running up against bots. So hacker or bot, either way it needs to be fixed.


No no no, it’s not an actual name. It pops up when the game freaks out and can’t reconcile what happened in the coding. It’s like when that guy saw the dodo on the map. ‘OPPONENT NAME’ is a place-holder and the game reverts to it when something gets wonky.