Battles gotten much harder?


Just in the last couple days the battles have gotten ridiculously harder. Where it used to take me only 2-3 matches to win it’s taking me more like 4-5, and not only that but the bots are predicting my moves. If I for example save my invincibility a turn knowing he’ll predict that he won’t do it, but if I use it he will, or whether I save my crippling strike or not he has the correct move to counter. I find this extremely unfair considering a player wouldn’t be so good at predicting. Is this because of the upcoming tourney? Has that even happened yet?


I constantly predict what moves my opponents gonna make they aren’t bots they are real players you have had your first intro into the new tournament


Unless something has changed recently, I still believe we fight bots, looking at Ludia’s other games. Not to mention sometimes they have creatures that are unreleased (I’d be surprised if I’d fight hackers at my level or that they would leave the creature at a low level if so). The thing I’ve mentioned above just confirmed it in my eyes. Regardless, it was a surprise to log on and be destroyed lol didn’t realize it started today


Started yesterday. Apparently there when Indo raptor teams in badlands punking everyone. A lot of funny business going on during this tourney