Battles more fun


A lot of complaints about the batlles we are playing.

My suggestion to Ludia:

Put people in a battle not based on trophies or player level but on average dino level.

When someone hits the batlle button, the computer calculates the average of dino level of the team.

For example your team has an average of 18. The computer put you against an opponent with the (almost) same average. With a margin of 0,5 or maybe 1.

That way your opponent is not gonna be one with much better dino’s/level of dinos in his/her team. The batlles will be much more fair, fun and interesting.

And on this way everyone can win the Tournament.(and aslo more incubators)


A bit flawed … My team is in arena drop mode at the moment so my 8 includes 2 L1 Dino’s. If by chance my team of 4 was L16, L17 and 2 L1 then overall average would be approx 9 … Which would not really be an accurate reflection of strength especially if the 16 and 17 happened to be legendaries … (This is actual possible team from my current 8)