Battles not being cancelled due to lack of movement

One of the oldest tips we see when are waiting for a match, is:
“if your opponent doesn’t make a move, battle can be cancelled.” (sorry if not exact, just a free translation)

another lie? i tried this just now. started a battle and was just watching without touch the phone.

it was a preditcable defeat. sorry for the opponent, it was just for testing.

the stated cancel not working is not a problem if we don’t have connection issues.

when we have problems like making a mistake of opening multitask app window (android) and switching back, and the game connection and ui update gets broken… or when connection is lost. we lost miserably because we can’t make a move. this feature would be the remedy, but it’s not working.

@Ludia_Developers i’m here to help if you need. :wink:

I think this is a translation error because I don’t recall ever seeing anything along those lines.

Yeah, it’s something along the lines of “If your opponent doesn’t respond, the match can be cancelled” Basically the situation where you hit battle, get to the “waiting for opponent” screen, wait for the timer to get down to 1m 2s and then get the “match has been cancelled” message.

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but the english version is what? “doesn’t respond”? or “doesn’t move”?

but let me say something: when we was at 1.6 i experienced arena dropping purposely. i choosen only immune dinos (to avoid being pinned by apato and can’t swap) and was swapping and swapping to get hit until loose 3-0. when doing that i saw “battle cancelled”. to avoid see this, i used to make a basic hit after a few swaps.

so i thought: it’s that message, battle cancelled due to not making a move (swap doesn’t take into account).

so i think this feature exists, but the turns without a move only can be reached for lower arenas with lower damage dinos. at aviary, i lost not moving for less than 10 turns.

It happens when both are afk.

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If your opponent does not respond, the current match may be cancelled.

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and is this a different feature? :point_up: