Battles not right


Not sure how these battles are working now but when you have really good dinos that are at good levels & the lower level dinos keep winning something is so wrong. Makes no sense for me to even go out & collect more DNA to raise my dinos levels when I can battle in the lower arenas more often & get the good incubators from time to time. So frustrating thinking of not doing the Bates anymore but so not the point of this game or so I thought!


Really disappointed in this. Pre-registered and playing since day one. Worked my way up to arena 7 as a free to play player and NOT cheated. I’ve been unable to play too often for about two weeks and I have won maybe 6 of 25-30 battles since returning dropping right down. It’s so frustrating that I have a decent collection that once did me well and now I just cannot get a few wins together. Starting to get very bored of this


You got 2 weeks behind all the other players around you and your complaining that the same people you were even with and are now 2 weeks ahead of you are beating you in the arena? Your obviously losing because your team isn’t good enough to be at that rating anymore. Drop for awhile and you will hit your 50% mark no problem.


To be honest, I think it’s some of these power-ups. Some of them are out of control. 7 straights turns of not being able to cause damage at all on some of these? I echo the first two, and the curve felt pretty abrupt. I’m only level 3 but went front shredding people to full halt in one match. Have really been enjoying the game too.


Just wait till you have to deal with everyone having an indoraptor.


I waited to respond because I thought I’d be able to ignore your stereotypical gamer geek arrogance but I can’t let that go. Especially as you are being patronising with a flawed response.

I was comfortably at 3100 with what I had. Over the time I didn’t play, people got better teams, of course. But that means they should move up themselves, not stay where they are. I am now between 2600 and 2800 and no more. I find that odd.

If what you say goes, then newcomers to the game will never catch up as the players in arenas simply make the arenas tougher, not move up. Like a sports league, if you improve, you move up.

Thanks for responding though, I won’t be commenting on here anymore as I really have better things to do than be spoken down to by a cellar dweller.


Arena is capped. People are getting better everyday. Highest arena is crowded and even good player can be pushed down. Pressure is passed down to lower arenas.


I gave you a reasoned response that i am positive is a large part of the answer to your question. And no people should not move up unless they are above average. That is how the system works. At average people will stay at the same trophies. They will get around the same amount for winning and losing. That will keep them in the same place. Only if people are winning more than they are losing will they advance. What was good at 3100 one day will inevitably not be good enough for 3100 a week or two later. Why you have to make assumptions about my real life or the way I live I will never understand. I am quite thankful you will not come here any longer as your toxicity is not good for this forum.


Everyone is getting better everyday. Highest arena is crowded. Pressure is passed down.