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Battles pairing

I am getting sick and tired of Battles in which I am paired with a player out of my league, literally they should be in the next Arena but no here I am fighting them in mine!!!


The displayed score is their high score. They may actually be lower than you at any given time. I have dipped as low as 700 trophies below my high score.

I was sitting 500 below my high score till last night. Now 300 below. I’d rather see my opponent’s current scores. Would give a better idea of my current standing.

Maybe you’re also too high. If you lose a lot, then that means you won a lot also. Otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are. The higher you get, the harder your opponents get. And that trophy number score means nothing.

Sitting in low to mid aviary right now. I don’t mind loosing so much as long as i can keep the same number of boosts in my DBI. If i drop back down to lockwood so be it.

It can be less than 4!?

It’s 3 from Ruins.

I think I can manage to stay away from that.

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