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Battles Post 1.9?

My first match, a moment after the game was back up: got to fight AI, won, and reached a new high score…

… Then lost 100 trophies, dropped down an arena and lost against a bot for the first time. All within ~40 minutes post update. :sweat_smile:

How’s your 1.9 going?

Brought indo back from the bench… as one ot my higher leveled dinos it was a good thing however…it ment benching someone and that ended up being my dilo… first match started indo vs monostego…which went from an autoloss for indo to an autoloss for mono.

For the first time since i can remember i have more team level boosted dinos then i can actually field on my team… i feel like going forward i will be boosting some non team dinos so i have the ability to swap in new teammates when the time comes.

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Sounds like a strong plan. Too bad a lot of players just max boost 1 or 2.

4 reg wins, and an epic battle with CSFpowerMY which actually made me get up out of the couch and stand, followed by a decent bot reward.

I haven’t battled this much since beta and am thoroughly enjoying the adrenaline.
Hopefully the newness lasts a bit. :slight_smile: