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Battles Selecting higher level characters than mine

I thought the random character selection was suppose to pick opponents based specifically on level? closely matching my total levels worth with my PvP counterparts. My average character’s level is 9. On more than one occasion I’ve been matched with An opponent who’s average level has been 12. Being 1 shotted by characters 3+ Levels higher than me just doesn’t seem fair. Any one else experience this or is it just a random bug?


I have LVL 14 - 17 characters and I battle LVL 18-20 at the top tier. I win over 50 percent of the time. LVL doesn’t always matter. Gear and knowing what to do with your 8 characters are key. Each character and gear choice matter. Each character have pros and cons to consider. Gear and ability matter more than a few lvls. The lvls of your opponents ncrease as you move up the ladder. You should expect it to get harder as you move up especially with LVL caps and gear caps.

Ok so its not a random bug. I just find it odd that after hundreds of battles I have only experienced this 4 or 5 times. Yes I understand gear management and using your characters to their strengths is key but chances are characters 3+ levels higher are gonna be more developed than the lower level characters.

My understanding is that the opponent (either human or computer) is based on the PVP tier you’re in. If a player with a lv 12 team is stepping into PVP for the first time, they’re going to stomp on some lv 4 parties along the way.

that sounds a little more likely.

I think it’s going to be based on your trophy count rather than your average party level.

But yeah maybe within like a small gap of levels you might get lucky with your rolls and your oppenent unlucky with their own rolls but a 3+ level gap at that tier is representative of a difference in maybe 10000+ gold in terms of investment in your characters.

Gear and good strats will make it close but the numbers will be in your oppenents favour and they will have their own gear and strats to answer back with