Battles Stopped Being Fun


I’m not one to complain, so that’s not what this is. Last night I just felt like battle have stopped being fun for me. Everyone at my level has the same dinos, and the outcome of the battle seems to almost always be dependent on who has the higher level stegodeus.

So I decided to shake up my team, and introduce some fresh faces. I threw in my level 14 Giraffatitan (in lieu of not having brachiasaurus yet), level 15 gallamimus (I’m still 50 DNA away from monomimus), and brought back my 16 T-Rex. They may all be lower levels than the rest of my team (lowest levels before this shakeup were 2 17s) but at least my battles won’t feel like the same old thing.

In fact, after changing my roster I was able to break my losing streak, and my team had both girraffatitan and gallimimus. They worked out beautifully. Opened with titan and stood my ground against indominus, and galli was able to impact and run before tragodistis could take her out, serving her up for my indom to finish the job.

Anyways, just thought I’d share some positivity rather than just another a crybaby complaint post claiming battles are broken. I’m not even complaining about losing. I know I don’t have a hope of ranking in the “tournament,” I just want to have fun playing the game. Just shake things up to make it fresh again.

Anyone else with me?


I’ve wanted giraffatitan on my team from the get go (I’m a little in love with it - the animation is way better than the other long necks). Mine is at 13 but I’m sitting on 3k DNA. So it’s worth levelling?


Damage is still low, but it can take a hit. But with two slowing actions you’re likely to get in a couple of rampages. I feel like it fares as well as any other tank. I wish bellow was an invincibility shield rather than just 50%, but it does the trick.


Mixing up your team can definitely help as people don’t know how to respond. While power is important knowing how to use it is more so. Had a couple of battles today against “better” teams with very poor decision making (Haven’t you noticed yet that every time you put your shields up I just shred them? Hmmm, I have a nullifying attack and your first move with your I-Rex is to cloak…) and wiped the floor with them. I have just been ambling along around the 3500 mark collecting incubators and had very few imbalanced battles (or at least as many where I had the clear advantage as ones where they had) but just realised that anyone over 4000 gets an epic incubator at the end so have now started battling a bit more. Still not seeing any real issues and am nearly up to 3900 now - had some real fun clashes :slight_smile:


I might push for over 4000 more closer to the end of the tournament. I’ve been over 4000 a few times, but inevitably have a hard fall back to about 3800 (don’t know if I’ve fallen below that since climbing up after the reset).

Another new one I haven’t been using that I might try out is the ankylocodon. Unfortunately I didn’t get out to the parks much the past two days, so I didn’t collect much. Good thing I have about 10000 dna for each source dino. If I can get her to a 16+ I might throw on the roster. Looks like a good stegodeus counter. Same speed, can’t be slowed, has a shield, and armour piercing. Might be lacking in health and damage, but at least has 25% armour. There is something to be said for endurance. That’s why I’m looking forward to creating ankytrosaurus. I’m 50 dna away and haven’t been out yet to catch my much needed ankylosaurus dna. I’m sitting on another 360 kentro, so hopefully I’ll have enough to get her up to at least 17. Another new face! Yay! Unfortunately that also means a lot of others are going to start adding them to their teams too.


So I found a flaw with using gallimimus at this level: it has the same speed as tragodistis. 124 is fast, but I thought it was faster than than, like raptor speed, a 128 or something. While fun for a couple battle, she is cut from the team.