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Battles Suck Right Now


I don’t know what is lately, but battling is not even desirable anymore. If you lose one time. ONE TIME, it puts you in an oblivion loop of RNG no longer functioning, perfect crits against you, and increasingly better and better teams matched against you. Even after like 3 or 4 days on break from battling it’s right back into the oblivion loop first try. It does not forget lol

Sometimes you face better teams, and sometimes RNG is unfortunate. But not this consistently. You should not be forced down like 300 trophies just because the game hates you. You only finally pick up a win when you’ve been pushed so far down that your team becomes the unfair one.

Not looking for team or battle advice, my team is fine and I know how to play well. Just wanted to voice my extreme displeasure in the current battle system and the loss vortex you unfairly get forced into.


I am sorry this is happening to you. It must be an awful feeling.

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I feel the same way as well recently, when u start winning, your indo’s evasive starts not working, your dinos dun crit, no stun etc. When you have “lost” enough, they all regain back the advantages. Seems to happen often enough to notice a pattern there.

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Kind of makes you feel like your team just isn’t up to par, like maybe you should spend real money on leveling up with a $50 incubator, huh?

I’m sure that’s not by design… /s

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He’s right, that happens from time to time to me and many others… It’s too much of a coincidence. Last week I couldn’t go over 4300. I considered my level to be around 4100, 4200… that’s where I faced dinos the same level as mine… then suddenly I went on a losing streak, constantly facing dinos two levels above or higher and RNG never working in my favor… that dropped me back to the Ruins, to 3800… Today, only one week later, I’m in Aviary at 4600 and I’m afraid of the next losing streak…

If a streak is bad when you’re around dinos of the same level, I can’t imagine if one starts when you’re in way over your head like I am :fearful:


I am also in same losing streak from past 2 days … win few but now enemy dodges like 90% times and then Critical from Indorap 90% times … when I need most then my 60% critical chance of Spinotac didn’t worked and of-course my dodges not working in my favor too.

From past 8+ hours my incubators are fully empty …


Am glad to know I’m not the only one “suffering” from the game behavior lol, I guess the best way to deal with it is to give the ‘so wat I dun care’ treatment. :smile:


Yep, lost 300 trophies in two days. Even now at 4500 I’m facing trykosaurs.

*now 4400


This implies there was a time when they didn’t suck.


It’s why I get frustrated and embrace the drop/losing streak.
Throw in a team of level 10s and play for fun trying to win.


I got an idea.
What if you put draco gen 2 and dracocera on your team, and get them both in a battle and swap them?
Like have draco gen 2, and swap to dracocera, and then fight a little until you aren’t pinned, and swap back to draco gen 2.


Good way to arena drop.
You won’t win many like that until you get into low arenas.


That’s why I dont even use them in my team :smirk:


Yes… i’m lvl 6 and i met a FREAKING lvl 21 indominus rex! Like COME ON?! I only have a lvl 12 trex! And a lvl 11 alangua(i dont know how to write it.)


You are so right I have been stuck between 3200-3400 forever and I am almost a level 16 player.


At the moment it is very difficult. Got beaten by a lvl 19 Player at a trophy range of 3600-3700. Next battle facing a lvl 7 suchomimus.
Players drop in preparation for the weekend rush. Saw a Thor in arena 3…
Climbing back will cause a bloodbath in lower arenas