Battles too long

This is a game I have on my phone. Ideally, I could play it while I wait 10 minutes for the bus etc., but this is not the case. I battled the dragon in room 6 with a lone lvl 10 cleric and 5 minutes into the battle, the dragon was half dead, and I got distracted (as someone would who needed to get off the bus, for example) and then my cleric was dead. I think it would be much more benifical if the bosses were more squishy, but dealt more damage. I don’t see a logic to having grinding battles. For example, the 3rd time I fight the Anvil the fight goes on for rounds and rounds before he just wipes out my party in a pair of attacks with his sword thrusts. Why not just do that right away? Why must I fight the battle for 8 minutes before I get around to finally dying, because I know I am not going to beat the 3rd boss? If it is so set that my party is not strong enough to beat a certain boss, then just wipe the party and be done with it. My time is of value, even if I decide to spend it on this game rather than read my book for 25 minutes in the subway home.

Basically, quicker dungeons lead to more travel friendly play, and easier access to a game for people with tight playtime constraints. Why make 10 minute battles, especially pattern based repetetive nonsense?

If you want to end your game and take whatever reward you have gotten so far (which depends on how many bosses you’ve defeated) then hit the pause button on the top right and leave the dungeon.

Slimeworms. I recall how difficult the bosses seemed at the onset. While this can seem painful, there is something to look forward to. If you continue to improve your weapons I am sure you will quickly be able to defeat even the most difficult dragon or anvil boss within two rounds.

@Slimeworms I fully agree. Battles (pve) are way too long. Add to this the game handle terribly when you switch apps, with disconnections, errors and forever resuming.

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Of course it’s long if u only get there with the cleric

The idea is to get better and better until you get there with all characters, then those characters do more and more damage, then you could potentially do it with less and less characters (even cleric when in good shape can get through dragon pretty quick)l

I almost one shot dragon straight out of the gate now and plenty of more experienced players Do one shot it

Hay, thanks for the tip! I didn’t realize you could do that.

Going to echo sigma88, you can end a battle early. Usually, i recommend you farm the highest dungeon you can 3 dice. But if the dungeon takes too long for you, maybe do an easier one if your time is more precious and you want to get rewards faster.

However, if you only do free dungeons and you don’t have time to farm, just do them until you know you can’t beat the next boss and leave right after you beat the boss you can.


I concur with @Lividfrost. I used this philosophy myself.

Actually best to wait for next 2 rooms to spawn after boss then leave if there isn’t a secret room

Occasionally get a free secret room that way :wink:

But won’t work for me as just deleted the piece of smeg of a game

PvP ruined the whole thing for me in the end

Should have an option to just delete PVP so don’t get tempted to play and get frustrated again