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Hi, I believe the battle for toothless is unfair. The fighting itself is fine but when I fight, the power of the enemy goes from 2500 to 4000 power. I spent 2 weeks trying to lol my dragons up preparing for the lightfurry return. Then I see toothless was coming. I got my max power from 2800 to about 3300. I was excited and pumped. Then the enemy power jumps so much. I don’t feel this is fair. Maybe instead of 2000 power jump maybe like 500 power jump. Please think about it. Thank you.

Hey there @Sara_Bannholzer, I see what you are saying about the event for me, but I have gotten to that point and its not that unfair. You already have beaten I think 6 levels before that which gives you a good amount of shards and then you can reset. The power jump is a bit high, but its definitely not unfair.

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ok. Thanks for replying so soon. I normally wait about a week for a reply. I really enjoy the game and I look forward to more events within the game. Thanks for your help.

I thought it was kinda unfair too but I just did a few battles and got enough trust points for the day so I’m ok with it… but I just thought of something why allow people to use toothless during the tutorial and randomly put up a event for him?

Also same with the level up thing… didn’t expect to see toothless coming lol

The even difficulty is split into 3 parts:

  1. 5 levels that cost 5 energy, are doable by people with basically starter dragons, who need extra fish. Depending your setup, even a 2000 team can do that 2500 quest.

  2. 4 levels that cost 8 energy and that are expected to be done by people above 3500. Again, all this “4000 5000 5500 6100” or something is just numbers. All dragons have 700-900 power, and that’s what matters. A team with maxed 2-star trained dragons at 700+ power would have 3500+ power and that’s the goal. I can equally lose to RNG on both level 8 and 9, or I can faceroll them, with my team being just ~4300.

  3. Last level that costs 15 energy and gives 15 affinity, that’s the best affinity\energy deal, but… it not only introduces a 5th dragon per wave, but also a 400 power gap between dragons, as enemy dragons are ~1400. This is only physically possible for people with 4-star trained 4\5-star dragons. Basically for people with 1100. To this day only one person was known to do it and even he used a revive.

So, as you can see, it’s very tier-ed and working as intended.

Well then…

@Wirxaw Btw it’s not called affinity their called trust points just so you know