Battles unfair?

I want to know one thing, I have fougth 13 battles and am strugglin to reacht 4100 .
5 are ubove 4300
3 between 4200 and 4300
2 between 4100 and 4200
2 between 4000 and 4100
1 under 4000

I wondered why I lose so often that I almost going to hate it sometimes to battle.
But there is the reason, you get no opponants in your class but a lot ubove it, and that is bad.
The last 2 fighting with were 4300+ and have monsters I have still 0 dna of.

Today i Fall Down to lockwood… i lose and lose… i fight 18 battles…and win only 6… it kost me a lot of trophey

Had a rough session at lunch this afternoon. After 7 battles had 9 tokens and one incubator. It seemed nothing I had would critical hit and all my cloaks were failing while my opponents were destroying me in one hit or dodging everything I threw at them.

I’ll try again later for my incubators.