Battlesystem -> overhaul needed!


Hi to all especially to the community Manager!

It can not be right, when i got a selection of 6 dinos, jump into a battle and all i get are just some dinos with strong attacks but are low on life. My opponent starts with e raptor and and strikes every match with him. or my opponent has tanky dinos which kills me with just one or 2 bites…
soo tell me how should i use my skill when the match is so unbalanced that probably even a cheatbot that would calculate the best possible option, would loose. thats the piont where randomness is to strong IMO. i know it sound bad when i say, let me choose dinos by myself and you know why. in 80% of all selection would bi e velorapt. etc. etc.

Ludia, you urgently need to interact more with the community. daily thats what a community manager is there for right ? let us all be a part of what you noticed, planed etc.!!

kind regards