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Battling 500-1000 trophies above me

I’m really discouraged. 1.7 has essentially ruined the game for me. I know some people are doing better but what ever algorithm they are using really hurt me. My team is relatively high lvl but I don’t have the best “most meta” dinos.

I understand what the team power match up is trying to do but I’ve dropped into the 4300s and I’m still facing teams in the 5000+ and unless I’m lucky I lose … sending me even lower.

Why can’t I get matches in my trophy range which I’m sure I would win more? I mean even if my team has a high lvl in Ludia’s calculation for some reason it seems like trophies don’t matter at all. I even sent a picture of my recent opponents list to them but no answer.

This is probably a vent since they really don’t care at all but I think there is clearly something wrong. Of course I’m going to lose to people who are able to obtain 500-1000 trophies above what I can. If this keeps happening I will just drop to 0 and never face a team worse than me that I can beat.


Agree. I am also facing the same issue.

Would like to see the option to battle AI automatically. I do not have much time to spend to wait for an incub.

If the battle AI option is made available automatically, players will be able to

  1. Get incubs easier;
  2. Easier to complete daily missions;
  3. Easier to defeat 10 opponents dinos for the daily battle incub;
  4. Easier for players to contribute to the Alliance missions.

I’m with you. This past weekend, something must have happened because I dropped from a trophy count of 5,100 down to 4,300 and can’t win if my life depended on it! Everyone I am battling has a SIGNIFICANTLY higher trophy count. Of course, my cloaking is also failing at an alarming rate and the other opponent has been nailing critical strikes left and right - especially with dinos that only have a 5% chance. These are some tough times in the arenas right now.


That is not a bad idea except I actually want to be able to battle people of my trophy lvl. I used to love the Arena and now it is ruined. The rest of the game really revolves around increasing you team … you only increase your team so you can win battles other wise they are just numbers.

@Ned in case this helps get seen.

Hey Rudd, since the matchmaking radius is based on your Strike Team strength, it is possible to get matched up with someone with a higher trophy count as you if they have similar strength.

However, trophy count will play a bigger role once you get closer to 7,000 trophies.

There’s some more information on Jorge’s thread here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | New Matchmaking (05/23)

although, you may be waiting for hours or even days to get a match when you attain that count:

out of the frying pan, into the somebody better get fired.


I have the opposite problem on my 2nd account. I get matched with players around 500 to 800 trophy’s lower than me but they have 4 or 5 dinos 4 & 5 levels higher than mine. I do get a kick when i beat their 14, 15, 16 dinos with my 11 teams. I have a team of alliance mission reward counters.

I am stuck at 4500. I am too strong for Lockwood but too weak for Aviary. Every time I get knocked down, I can count on winning any battle in Lockwood. But that sends me back to Aviary and I get crushed again :joy:. I would love to just sit at 4500 and battle bots for my incubators.

Initially since update 1.7 team strength had not been considered enough in the mm/trophy algorithm; since the latest mm update trophy count is not given enough weight.

There has to be a solution that gives both team strength and trophy count the proper weight at all trophy levels (not just > 6,500); in the meantime, can we get the 1.6 mm/trophy algorithm back?


Hi Ned thanks for the response. This system is absurd obviously people with 1000 trophy difference shouldn’t be able to be matched together. Also “team strength” is not defined and I would posit that my team is not as strong as the team I’m facing in the 5k plus trophy range. Whatever system you guys have changed to has caused me to drop 800 trophies on average and leaves no chance to rise again because I just keep getting matched with teams that are dominant as far as meta and boost numbers. Thanks again for the response and I know Ludia doesn’t care about me but in the effort of “fairness” its actually been made much worse for a lot of people.

Rudd - that is exactly my situation! I dropped 800 trophy points this weekend from 5100 to 4300 and have been stuck at 4300 after over 200 battles. While I’m at 4300, I am regularly battling teams that are as high as 5200. I’m wondering if there was some trickle down effect from teams that were high 5,000’s dropping to lower 5,000’s, and then they bumped me down into the 4,000’s. It literally happened just over the weekend. Crazy!!

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I agree, it is HORRIBLY imbalanced. I’m facing teams 500 trophies stronger and with stronger teams and stronger boosts than I have ie… 3 levels above my top level of 26 and higher boosts. As an added FYI I’m nowhere near 7000 trophies.


We care about all our players :smiley: , and our team appreciates all the feedback regarding the matchmaking.

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Same thing is starting to happen to me. Facing people at an average of 800 trophies above me and when I do look at there teams I’m also usually lower average. This just started with the latest.


I was having fun earlier today, 5/6 opponents had a higher team average and the one was close to 900 trophies higher. Thought waiting a day or two would help the dust settle but I entered during a dirtnado.


i understand the attempt to create balance by including trophy count and team score BUT way too often the opponents team strength is way stronger. like, no way to win with even luck on my side. thats not balancing, especially when the opponent is ranked way higher and without doubt way stronger in every aspect.


People with higher lvl not fully meta teams got hit the worsts. I can’t get a match I can win. I used to drop 200 trophies and then I would battle someone with a worse team and be able to rebound. Now I just keep loosing and there is no bottom because I keep getting matched with teams ludia qualifies as within 200 pts of my “team power” which they don’t define.

I don’t have any incentive to play anymore its all loss and no rebound. I can’t express how sad I am about this. This game used to be fun and a great way to blow off some steam and now it actually gives me anxiety every time I battle. I just know I’m going to lose again and lose more trophies and there is nothing I can do about it because you have taken my opportunity to recover.

I’m now at 4135 trophies and I was at 46/4700 before the weekend and 5000+ before 1.7. Did I suddenly just get worse at the game? No of course not. There are people in my alliance with much lower team lvls that are way above me now in trophies. I beat them all the time in friendly. Ludia has destroyed my team and there is nothing I can do about it. The only reason to try to improve your team is to try to win battles so darting has become meaningless as well. I really loved this game and now it just makes me sad.


I’m beginning to think a temp fix is to boost, but not level your teams until match making is fixed.
Just going on reading peoples experiences. Leveling “seems” to be a bad idea.

Very well said… I agree :+1: