Battling 7000 health dinos in a high 2k low 3k health arena


I am in the stage 7 arena. Myself and everyone I battle has high 2k low 3k health dinos. In comes astrozzz with a 7k Apatosaurus. We all know the outcome to such an unevenly matched battle. My 3rd dino was finally able to take him out and guess what he follows with? A 5k Einiasuchus! Come on! Reminds me of the playground bully! Stay in your own appropriate dino health level/stage arena!


Most teams that you face in Arena 7 are bots, not actual players… While some players might choose to fall back to a lower arena with higher level Dino’s, that’s really not the case (or even possible) once you reach Arena 7.

Good luck, and happy hunting!


Were the dinos all the same level? If so it’s usually a good sign it’s a ludia bot designed to beat you and keep your trophies artificially capped for now.

Don’t worry about it. As long as you’re remaining in Arena 7 and regularly getting incubators that’s the best you can hope for right now.


Bots are still quite okay.

But having disconnected each and every time you’ re in the arena despite excellent internet coverage just seem unrealistic.