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Battling AI

In pvp im tired of loosing a lot and it can sometimes take me a long time to get all my incubators and my daily battle incubator. I think many people can agree with this. I would like to propose an idea.

Idea: When ever you go onto the battle screen you will get 3 buttons. The current tournament button, pvp, and pva (player vs AI) The buttons will be lined at the middle of the screen with the daily incubator in the top right and the incubator slots at the bottom of the screen. This will not impact Season Trophy Count or your cups that you have. It will basically be the same AI system we have now but we get to choose if we want to pvp or battle an AI.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


No… no, we’re good, It’s called friendly matches. No incubators for beating AI, absolutely abusable . If you truly lost more often then you won you would continue to slider backwards until you reached where your team belongs, this is an exaggerated issue to say the least. No more hand outs please

Sometimes people just want the incubators and are tired of loosing loosing, loosing, win loose ect. This is completely different from friendly battles. this will include boosts and your creatures will have boosts, and the AI will have boosts as well.

Same argument as “can we have an unboosted arena”, it.would divide an already thin player base. It would allow people to get incubators without playing the PvP element of the game. It would be extremely abusable as you could farm incubators without risk and you and many others like you not understand the game youre playing. There is already far too much being handed out, the game IS the grind to get better dinos to compete in PvP, it’s not an idle clicker game, you have to work for your reward and AI is not work