Battling cheaters


Tired of battling people that appear god-like despite have stronger faster dinos I’m somehow totally wrecked by opponents. Like how am I’m being hit three/one when my speed is only a point or 2 less? Up until a few days ago I was winning and losing at a fair rate but now I’ve lost consistently for a couple days. Just wondering what’s the deal


Not going to lie, I’ve noticed the same thing.
One other thing I caught on someone, but I didn’t catch their name in time to report.
(I was too pissed and shocked)
I battled someone who managed to attack, swap out, attack, swap out, and attack to the point that I counted a total of 6 dinos in his/her possession. Not the normal 4. I don’t know how, but they did. And the thing was, they were pretty quick with their attacks and I was left dead.
The reason they took so many dinos tho was because I had a couple dinos that had pretty good armor. Other wise I probably wouldn’t have noticed.
And some battles, I’ve been trying to pay more attention, they’ll win and when I check their profile after, non of their dinos match what they attacked me with.
I however learned that my phone (note 8) can record during game play.
So from now on, I have been recording my battles to try to catch the situations and that way see if I can somehow send the videos to Ludia to see if they can help figure something out.
One thing I am also doing is, when I start to play, I begin recording once I am in the app, I open up my menus so that Ludia can see what I am playing with before entering the battle arena. And then when I am done with a battle, I will go to the menu that shows who you battled last and open that said person’s profile and allow what they are playing with to show up. Figured that way it helps with whatever guess work might be needed.
Just a thought in case it helps anyone else.
Hopefully this can get straightened out. Starting to become a little frustrating.
Plus it would be nice if the game would team us up with players who have dinos our own level, rather than so much higher that we don’t stand a chance.

  • Good Luck!


It doesn’t matter if your speed is 1 or 2 points less, it’s still less. So therefore, your opponent will get to move first. I don’t think that means they’re cheating. It just means you should use a faster dinosaur or level up your fast ones higher. Adjust your strategy and you’ll pull through! :slight_smile:


Nicely put T (20 freekin characters) :joy: