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Battling doesn't feel that fun anymore

Battling is a big part of Jurassic world alive.
Fighting against friends, for rewards, or even doing your 10 takedowns you battle.

Reasons why:

  1. Matchmaking
  2. The rats (Woolly rhino, dracoceratops etc.)
  3. 20/40 system
  4. Creature selection.

Those reasons could lead to rage in battling.

I want to know if you have any reasons why you dont like battling.

Maybe if we get 5 new reasons I’ll make a video on why battling isn’t as fun as it used to be.

Note: I’m not leaving the game or stop battling.


Purely Random nowadays
Hope I get a good set of 4
Hope my stun works
Hope my evasive works
Hope they don’t have a Cera or Rhino ( of course they do)
Hope I can crit here
Hope they DONT crit (oh they just did. With a 5%)
Luck is the name of the game. Some will tell you it isnt…but it totally is!


Ludia cannot balance the dino correctly, so you end up fighting the same 10 to 12 dinos over and over and over and over and over and over. So basically, there’s no variety in the game.


The biggest problem I have with the arena is the increasingly obnoxious ‘4 random dinos chosen from your team of 8’. When everyone is playing the same dinos, all at level 30, with extremely similar boost spreads - it becomes purely a game of chance.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve lost solely because the game picked one cunning and three resilients, whilst my opponent received both Morty and Thor.

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There is absolutely no incentive to try and grind battles in this game. It’s all down to luck and you can spend hours and hours battling just to stay still.

No matter how much you level up your team, no matter how many boosts you apply, no matter how you choose your team, you will reach a point where you simply tread water.

I enjoyed the battling aspect way back before I hit aviary and since then which is two years ago, it has truly been the worst aspect of this game.


I 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, agree! Battling isn’t fun anymore, it’s that one chore you never want to do but have to. I’m absolutely sick of it! I LOATHE it!!!
I rarely battle anymore (5 to 6 times a week) because of all the things you listed + the RNG always being on your opponents side, giving them the crits and lucky hits through the dodges & never you.

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I used to love battling, but now I just do it to get my DBI/fill my inc slots.

My biggest issue is monthly reset. Last month I had a high score over 6100. Right now I’m still stuck in the 5500s trying to push my way back through the thousands of other people who were reset to 5499. Having your score reset and being stuck much lower than you “should” be for a couple weeks every single month is demotivating and unfun. It’s a transparent ploy to artificially lower people’s scores and push them into spending money to progress.


Aside from all the things people have said in here, one thing I hate about battling is that it can easily take over an hour to get 4 incubators when I feel like it shouldn’t, and it all bottles down to what’s been said; garbage matchmaking. It’s not fun facing loss after loss after loss until the rng finally decides to go “ok here’s an opponent with only low/moderately boosted dinos you can actually beat.” And that’s just for one incubator.
“Just level up/boost your dinos!” …which works for about 3 battles before ultimately making the battling worse cos it just throws stronger opponents your way.
That said, I don’t want to be spoon fed fights either, I just wish the matchmaking was more even. Challenging without being brutally hard.

Also not to mention the dreaded “waiting for opponent to respond” screen which always seems to not find anyone. They really should throw an AI battle after the end of one of those, because it can happen multiple times in a row.

I ended up restricting myself to a single hour in trying to get pvp incubators because it’s just not fun dragging it out, and there are better things I can be doing.


I’m writing this while I’m waiting for the timer to go down. This is simply another exemple of very bad programming. You have a to wait for the game to find you an opponent. Often, it’s the full timer. Then, you get that “waiting for the opponent to be ready” which is a full 60 seconds. So basically, you just lost 2 minutes of you time, knowing very well that you won’t get a fight (and btw, timer is over, and yep, didn’t get a fight again). Why does it take a 60 seconds timer for the opponent to be ready? He’s there a part of the game we don’t know about? The opponent is using a file to sharpen his dino’s teeth while we are waiting??? Seriously, there’s a programmer that put that timer there for some unknow reason (since you NEVER get a fight anyway) and they forgot about it? If it’s needed because the code is really bad, at least make it 10 seconds… We are always ready for a fight after all. In fact, this game could be improved so much just by tweaking a few timers… Why do we have to look at dead dinos for 20 seconds, during each rounds, in a raid??? They are dead!!! Are they supposed to move after 19 seconds… I guess they are too busy adding new dinos and don’t have the time to clean the code anymore…

Also the real kicker about that “waiting for opponent to be ready” screen is, even if you restart in the middle of it in hopes to skip it, it doesn’t take you back to the lobby/incubator screen (or take you to a fight that started without you). It’s beyond annoying :unamused:

I have a quick fix to this. They need to add even more swap in damage dinos that do stun, damage over time and distraction at once! Can we have this Ludia?


We DO NOT need more Swap-In abominations, Mhino and Magnus are tearing up the upper leagues as it is.

What we do need are creatures that are anti-swap or a nerf to some of the bigger S-IA’s (Cough Stunning Strike).

Edit: That was a joke, wasn’t it?

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Why not? This would make the arena so much better! Just imagine joy of the people. Many already use 2-3 swappers so they could have a full team of them. Dreams come true for some individuals. Besides, Ludia started this new trend of adding several abilities into one attack so we are ready for next Swap In Terror move. No?

Not in the slightest. The vast majority of folks use Swappers because they are just so relentlessly good, not because they actually enjoy them. I myself have several things to run instead of DracoRat but can’t because that thing is so vital to me staying in the Aviary.

Not all Swap-Ins are bad, I get it. Most are actually fine. But then you have stuff like an armor-piercing stun attack and it all goes to pot. S-I Dodge has saved my rear-end without being oppressive, same with S-I Distraction.

S-I Stun could probably use a buff just to keep it relevant in the face of the monstrosity that is Stunning Strike. Defense Shattering Strike I’m pretty uneasy about, however.

Savagery is okay enough, mostly due to the fact that DracoRat and GrinchRat aren’t mind-bogglingly good on their own. GrinchRat is literally just a stat stick, after all. Not to mention that Savagery gets hard-stopped by Dodge, Shields and armor.

But then you have Stunning Strike, which just gets a bit much. First: It renders S-I Stun redundant. Second: It’s primary users are really good, with one being an Apex with great moves and stats and the other being a Stat Stick with the one of the highest resistance counts in the entire freaking game.

We do not need more broken Swap-Ins. That would simply exacerbate the issue. Even if the users of said abilities are awful on their own.