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Battling Droppers in tournaments

I am battling arena droppers in tournaments for 3weeks in a row. I am arena 8 ( jurassic ruins ) with 580 trophies in tournament. I am battling with players in library who one shot my whole team.

Screenshot_2021-04-03-02-55-47-191_com.ludia.jw2 this my team

These are the ones is am battiling with. ! With boosted uniques

Just why? What do these players get by bulling other low level players for cheap wins idont understand. I can’t accept the fact that a player can drop down 3arenas no matter how bad the losing streak is.

I’m creating this post because i don’t know if others have experienced this or it’s just me?

  1. I have no clue what this has to do with tournarments.

  2. Arena dropping is a problem since day 1 (3 years now?).
    I have no hope that this will change anytime soon.

  3. It will get easier the more you raise in ranked (how ironic). Arena is not so important for getting better and stronger dinos.

I hope you keep going, even with ludias arena mess.


I have no clue either but as much as I know a player in library will have 760 basic trophies when they enter the tournament. How can you be at 580 trophies even with a bad loosing streak that what I don’t understand . I have been battling droppers in regular arena too. battled someone from nublar shores a week ago.

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I tend to accidentally play really poorly in both the arena and tournament (usually by making moves that make me :woman_facepalming: myself)… I’m always curious how many people think I’m a dropper when I’m truly not, battling just isn’t my forte a lot of the time it seems :sweat_smile:

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You are right, but isnt this a skill tournament?
So doesnt matter if you have 500 1000 or 1500 points. You always fight level 26 dinos?


I agree with but how I am supposed to battle a full unique team, with my team which has only 1 unique creature that is indoraptor?

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I am talking about the ones who intentionally drop. Sorry if I offended you :sweat:

Oh not at all!! I laugh at how bad I can be :joy:

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Nobody intentionally drops in a skill tournament. There is no reason to do it.

This is a skill tourney, the only matchmaking is trophies, I’ve actually played a few of the top players (GG’s @Kingdreadnaught , Bryanosaur, and SayTheMagicWord) and I’m only in library

Right. If a player faces a team of uniques that doesn’t mean they are droppers, just means they unlocked them :joy: Besides not all uniques are the best option

I’m also in jurassic ruins I did ever faced level 30 magnapyritor 3 weeks ago