Battling easier now tournament over?

Just wondering if other people suddenly finding battling easier? I’ve put 350 on over my final points and almost 200 on my best during the tournament.

I seem to be getting better balance between me and my opponent’s dinos plus a less skewed rng - which of course could just be coincidence, as rng seems to go in streaks of bad and around expect with occasional good runs.


Definitely. Gained almost 300 trophies just battling for incubators. Got a 24 hour one last night so I won’t be battling anymore now until it hatches. Even so, I am up past 45XX from 425X after the tournament. Makes you wonder, right?

Yeah, just wondering if something sneaky had been done, but since I believe most of my opponents weren’t bots, I’m not sure what :thinking:

Probably because people are more relaxed now. Also people stopped battling, so less people in the match making pool. Now there are better match ups typically.

I think some people stop battling.
Others are trying to decrease their trophies, so they could downward to lower arena and grind some DNA they really need.

Fight against Stegodeus, I-raptors, Monomimus… and other top tier dinos all day is annoying.:sweat:

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This sounds like it could be a good way to use all of the cool dinos I never get to play with too. Getting tired of only playing the best ones I have. I really wish there was a way to concede a match. I don’t have the patience to sit there losing that many match so slowly.

It depends in which trophy range you are: if you are at high end of the arena (like high 3000 or high 4000), then its easier, because many are relaxed or dont play anymore intil next torunament. If you are at low part of the arena (lik low 3000 or low 4000) than it’s probably still difficult or more difficult, because many good players are trophy dropping and stay in same arena for easier incubators. Or they are loosing trophies because they are experimenting with other dinos.

I haven’t noticed that in mid-Arena 8. I wish it were :smile:

I always wondered why the battles seemed much harder at 40XX compared to a lot easier at 39XX where the trophy difference is very little!
People sitting at a lower rating on purpose so they can steamroll lower leveled teams is the reason I see now! :roll_eyes:

Possibly Ludia put in a threshold whereby 40XX will face those with 4000 trophies or more & 39XX faces those under 4000.