Battling in the Wild for DNA


I understand the big focus on battling and big focus on battles, but I feel the hunting and collecting DNA side is being neglected. I spend most my time in the game out collecting DNA, not battling. You need to add more different things into going out to collect DNA.

This is what I would like to see to enhance the hunting side:

Add a feature to one-on-one battle dinos in the wild rather than just darting them. The dinos we fight will be a random level. For common, random 1 to 15. For Rare, random 6 to 20, for Epics, random 11 to 25. For Legendary’s if ever available, random 16 to 30.

This will be the give and take:
The take will be you only get a set amount of DNA from the dinos we are fighting, 100 - common, 50 - rare, 25 - epic. This is a lot less then what I get for darting.
The give will be the dino you used to fight with will be given its own DNA for winning the battle; say 1 to 5 DNA depending on common, rare or epic and/or whether the dino you fought was lower, same(+or- 1) or higher than your dino level.
The take is it takes a lot of extra time to battle over darting which is a rather big down but the trade off may be worth the time.
The give is you can slowly earn DNA toward a dino you are working on that you find it hard to get DNA for.

For example: Epic Ankylusaurus are very rare and hard for me to find. I need this DNA. So I go out and rather than darting for DNA, I stop and use my Anky to battle stuff instead of darting to gain epic Anky DNA so I can work towards getting a legendary Ankyentrosaurus. So I would stop and dart stegosaurus because I need lots of that DNA. I can get up to and over 200 for darting. BUT, I would battle dracorex Gen 2 because I don’t need that DNA but would spend the extra time defeating that one to gain DNA for my Anky.

Basically when you poke on a dino, you get a choice to battle or dart. The battle puts you the the battle screen where you can select just one dino from your team. Then it goes into battle (training arena) background and you battle as usual. If you loose, you get nothing and if you win you get some DNA from what you fought and a little for the dino you fought with. In perspective, your dino is getting stronger the more it fights so-to-speak.

Think about it.


It’d take so long to beat anything with Anky :joy: