Battling is baffling?


Ok a lot of players has suggested about the battles on this game…
No matter what I do which Dino I put in first.
I never get to go first.
Has anyone written down how many losses to wins?
I must have lost over 1000+
I think I’m on 264 wins.
I was on 2000 to get to the next level.
Now I’m in deep reverse. Heading towards the training level at this rate. I’m just freaking 1700 barrier. All I’m trying is to get incubators. And do the best we all can.
I’m almost at level 8.
But my dinos range from 9 to 14 I have 3 Epic in my team.
I look at other players teams and try to match where I’ve been going wrong.
As you can tell I’m no expert in this game.
But I have been playing games over 30yrs.
So I’m not new to any Roll playing games PVE whatever!
I would have not put money in to a game that consists of a table that once you hit 5000.
There is no way of getting to that No1 spot.
I grind out every game until it’s max.
Going back to battles I have a level epic T-Rex.
Which had saved me on the odd occasion.
Today I reported a player. Which I’m not fond of doing.
But I wrote to Ludia to be fair make sure was not an issue with the game.
All my dinos did mediocre damage to this players team. Talking about 30 and 100 damage with a stegosaurus. This player destroyed my Dino one hit 3250 damage. Not sure of the type. Like a feathered thing. Anyway my T-Rex has the arrow to say it’s quicker at something.
I had the first bite 0 damage. Then it’s this players go. Did 1300 damage. So I used the epic 3 hit. Big yellow teeth on the graphic… boom 0 damage again. Killed my T-REX. Ok wired.
Got another Tank Dino which I trust it’s only a rare. But hey. I get to go first which is shocking. My Dino smashed is arse against the floor. 0 damage. As you can tell another loss.
Ludia could you please tell me the maths of the game.
Which really don’t add up to the hit to the heath or the shield to the percentage, I think you have a buffer to any Dino and the computer just says we will do this much. Because there is no consistency with the battles.
Leader board should really go on time played on the game.
To go first in any battle should be a start like trumps. We both pick a subject.
Like speed, weight, armour. Who ever has the highest gets to first.
Start with the minimum hits rather than the famous pounce…
People or players should use the weakest dinos.
And automatically replace each Dino.
Once a Dino has level over a weaker Dino then it’s replace.
Therefore everyone is not using the best and forgetting others.
So you build your dinos as you go.
It’s s better system. More fun to see what other dinos has to offer.
Eventually the game last longer and you have to hunt for your weakest Dino to make it stronger.
That’s me out of here.