Battling robot players



I am struggling with battling the games robot fighters. its near impossible. such high levels and dinoa we cant even get yet. im currently sitting at around 2800 battles trophies. each time i get close to 2900 i get smashed again and again. its really starting to get disheartening. i have a decent strong team but i get annihilated each time


What level are you? and what level are your Dino’s on average?


What are these robot players?
How can we identify them?
Why are there robot players?


They are bot from Ludia acting like players

Most of the time they ave way more levels than you, they also may have dinosaurs you can’t have at the moment (hello baryonyx) and they sometimes make decision that makes no sense.

There are robots players because sometimes it would take too many time to find an opponent for you with your level. If in 30s they don’t find an opponent for you they send you a bot so you can still play.