Battling since 1.5 is driving me crazy

Before the update I was right around 4900 almost hit 5000 trophies but now I am having a hard time even touching 4800. Who should I invest in? Or is it just the way the arena is now?

Obviously there are always way to Improve our teams…

But youre totally on point bro.
The trophy range between 4900-5100 is a hot mess right now.
Winning/Losing just one match can change your rank close 150 positions or barely any at all! Goes to show how congested this teir is.

If you’re trying to climb up right now… you’re gunna have a bad time :grimacing::grimacing:


Ok then its not just me. I keep changing my team daily (mono stego, suchotator, megalo) but always seems like up and down over n over

Nah definitely not just you…

In One battle I’m up against a level 22 indoraptor and the like,
Next game there’s a level 26 green chicken taking down my whole team


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Very well said. 100% this. Its a crab basket - we are all in it, when we try to get out, someone pulls us back down. Then they try to get out, and we pull them back down.

Its even worse when you fight folks who should be top 80 or so, but pocemon pushed them down to you…

This pushes me down, and i push you down…

Its gross.


Need more donations @wrothgar? I got your back bro! :sunglasses:

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Haha yes please @Hersh!! My green chicken is so close I can practically stroke it:

I got your back too buddy!!!

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haha it’s a plan, i got plenty of dilo…
plus the higher you level up, the less chances of you matching with me and kickin my tuckus again :joy:


still though… some of your squad members are low leveled for 4900.


:joy::joy: thats deviously brilliant!!! Thank you :grin::grin::grin:

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Me too! In one game I’m like fighting a lvl 25 Tryko & in the next game I’m fighting a lvl 26 Tryko. Humbug.

I know what you mean…
level 25 trykos are super easy but anything higher is when they get tough


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You are talking to someone whose Tryko ain’t born yet.

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Haha same here… hopefully there’s a birthday this weekend tho!

How far along are you ? :pregnant_woman:t4:

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Let’s just say that my Trex is lvl 16. Initially I plan to get as much anky dna as I possibly could this weekend but my green weakling aka Thor needs feeding.


That’s what I find crazy about the battling right now. One battle its like level 20’s and I feel like I can start moving ahead then next is all level 26+ and I get wiped 3 in a row.


It’s not even all that. I was at position 484 and jumped to 360 with 1 win. That means that there’s a lot of players bunched here and it means that there’re a lot of different levels dino here. I guess it’ll sort itself out as the tournament progresses.

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Don’t invest in anything the whole game is nothing but a piece of crap that uses RNG against its players but it’s not RNG it is planned that way and they keep us believing it is Random when it’s not! Getting close to a goal of level up and the 10 fusion come like crazy. Getting close to a trophy goal and your opponent will dodge everything and crit and you get nothing! Random my butt

Let’s pull out the Wayback machine…

I battle for incubators so have limited battles per day. This is what I remember:

First Tournament they reset to 3500. That put ALL of the high-level players right smack dab in the middle of the 3500 trophy players. Casuals and people actually at ~3500 Trophies got slammed to below 3000 and then some. Many complaints from the peanut gallery. I was at 4100 trophies and man, it was a mess for two weeks or more. I would have to do 5 or 6 battles for an incubator at times.

Season 2 was a 4000 trophy reset. Remember they did a 4000 + ½ of your trophies over that, so it spread folks out more. I was 4100 and did get a reset. The ruckus lasted about a week in my trophy zone. I got pounded by the lower reset victims, 4500 to 4750 probably (4250 reset area), as they got pounded by the top players. Everyone seemed to filter up faster than season 1 and we were pretty normal for most of the tourney (my trophy range). There was much less of a cluster at the actual reset mark, which was good. There were posts from the peanut gallery, but seemed to be limited to those near the reset mark. Season one had complaints from folks in the 2000 Trophy range as the 3000+ trophy folks were matched against them after being beaten down there. So a nice improvement in complaints.

Season 3, 4500 Trophy reset plus trophies over that (I think anyway, I did not pay a lot of attention). I was at 4100 and almost no effect to me. Yeah, I ran into some folks who dropped down for whatever reason, maybe to avoid the first week’s chaos but minimal. The ‘bullies’ down there all moved up really fast. I saw very few posts from the peanut gallery about the Tournament start. It seemed most complaints came from folks near to the reset, then at my range as those folks lost trophies. I do not recall going more than a few battles until I won an incubator, so a near to normal ‘bad streak’ in my range. I would run into opponents a few levels higher, but not near the disaster of season 1. Most battles after the tournament start were ‘winnable’, unlike season 1 where I would get 3 -0 a lot.

That is what this old guy remembers anyway, your mileage may vary.

Don’t know if this is controversial… but I think it’s better now… I win 10 out of 12 battles… is this good luck?
To be fair I’m only on 1600 trophies and have a team of 6 epics and 2 rares… but yesterday I was on 1200.

Well they’ve definitely changed the battles…