Battling someone with 0

So I just battled someone in Sorna Marshes and it said they had 0 trophies. How is that even possible? I went back to view their profile again and it’s not even showing up now. Also today I battled another person that was a level 12 and they had all legendary dinos. How is that even possible? Im a level 14 and barely have 3 legendary. I just don’t see how they can have 8+ of them at a level 12. I didn’t even get 1 until past level 13.

The zero guy is probably one of the cheater. I have one here:

As for lvl 12 with all legendaries, it’s highly probably if you just spent enough and evolved only those u need. Nothing wrong there.

I think in most cases I’ve seen it’s a temporary visual glitch while the server assigns a new trophy count after a battle. I’ve seen some folks temporarily show zero to be back at normal count when checked later.

The one I have is quite obviously one the cheaters. It’s been zero since the last tourement. Not even sure he or she is still playing

I have 5 legendaries at level 12 and closing in on another 2. You upgrade all your dinos? If so thats how you jump lrvels quicker i just usr the coins for what is neccesary

I can never get the dinos I need to get the legendaries. I travel quite a bit and get a ton of certain dinos and none of the others I need to create the legendary.

Surely you get some paraphorolopholus or however you spell it for paramoloch

Nope it says I can’t even get that one until I’m level 15. I have all the DNA I need but it won’t let me get. And all I need to get 2 other legendaries is the Monolophosaurus but I haven’t seen one of those in months so I can’t get those 2 either. I guess I just dont get how levels lower than me are getting ones that I can’t get until level 15.

What arena you on because i am level 13 just and gor a level 18 paramoloch you get 18 strands of dna ever 8 hr incubator for stigy

Im a level 14 and in arena Sorna Marshes. I get a lot of incubators but most the DNA I get I already have a ton of.

I just figured out what I am doing wrong. When it says level 15 I thought it meant my level but it’s the level of the dino. So now im upgrading those and will hopefully be able to get more legendaries soon. :grinning:

Haha thats good then

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