Battling, the ultimate frustration

Last three days, I’ve been within one win of reaching the next arena level about 10 different times. Everytime I get there, I get the worst luck with anything and everything. Sure, maybe the numbers are equaling out, who knows. Just funny/irritating how I cant seem to win that one more battle before the next arena, and the next dna reward. And now less than 9hrs from the end, I go from one win away, to dropping 150 trophies. Cool, thanks, I’m having a blast playing this


That’s the fine line with matchmaking.

You move up a tiny increment in trophies, which now puts you in the range of the bigger monsters.

The question I have is why are you suddenly and consistently facing the extreme high end of trophy matching nearing the new arena, rather than the low end…not to mention that you are also usually dealt your weakest hand.

But, it’s all just confirmation bias you know. This doesn’t really happen, even though it seems like it! :man_supervillain:

It’s definitely not programmed like this to elicit a “I need to spend money to make my team better!” response. It’s simply confirmation bias.

I had the same problem for so, so long. I just wanted to get to Gyrosphere once… I still remember just needing to dodge 2 times from a super boosted Thor. Did it happen? No. I rarely ever manage to dodge more than once (opponent almost always does, though).

I did eventually get there, but good grief, so many “1 win away” battles were lost.

Oh it’s ridiculous… I was doing really well. Then I made the mistake of powering up my Erlidominus to 30. Since then I have now somehow fallen all the way to lockwood library

Mind you… thats Nublar shores, all the way down to the Lockwood Library. Absolute ludacris!!!