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Battling under 5000 trophies


When I was ranked 190 I should’ve stopped there instead I kept going and wow I lose 8/10 now. All the way down to 4890. I have never teams this strong below 5000.


Right below 5000 is incredibly tough. Some teams I lost to (I’m around 5-5100) I end up scratching my head in disbelief. Lost 47 trophies and the team has level 30 Dino’s…


Teams will always keep getting better. WhT you faced at 3 months ago at 4500 will now only be good enough for 4000 as everyone keeps improving their teams


I’m bouncing between 4750 and 4900, and either getting slaughtered or doing the slaughtering. I don’t think I had a truly balanced battle all day. Even though all my opponents have been unusually close to me in trophies, the dino levels ranged from low 20s to 28. I’m around 24-ish on average.

Like @DaTank45 said, my trophy gain and loss has also been unaccountably low or high. Lost to guy I should have whooped, but their indo dodged 6 times and indom 2 times - lost only 17 trophies. Beat the next with dinos 2 levels higher through the same dumb luck and gained only 15… shrug


Been around 4700 since tourney started. Same thing. Either too easy or impossible to beat. Waiting for tourney to end so I can go back to my more fun SIA team after I get the incubator.


I know what you mean, I had reached 5,115 and should have left well enough alone… but I kept battling and am now barely hanging on in the upper 4,000’s.

This happens near the end of each tournament. As some players have started to camp out once they reached their goal > 4,500 only the most competitive (or desperate?) remain… and they’re not giving an inch. Well, neither am I :laughing:


I’m currently between 5100 and 5200. The teams I met are quite different in levels, ranging from lv 22s to lv 30s. The low level ones are mostly uniques like utarinex/trykosaurus/green chicken and the high level ones are mostly legendaries like stegod/tragod.


Almost exact same situation. Very frustrating

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Is this your IGN? If so we battled few hours ago (Shaymin). I had ~ 4,800 trophies at the time.

Small world :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep, that was me. GG.

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Yes, it was a GG.

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I thought I had you after your indom didn’t dodge twice. But your indo made up for it! Bah! :slight_smile:

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I was wondering if you were talking about my I Rex and Indo dodging… trust me they make up for it by sometimes not dodging at all :smile:


Surprisingly, no. I’ve had 3 games today where the opponent dodged every single time - 4 to 8 a game. I’ve been getting my butt handed to me by fate.

Also, out of 57 stunning moves BOTH me and “them” landed the stun 54 times today. My son was watching 6 fights and said “Daddy, it’s okay if you want to throw the phone.” LOL


Well, it’s good to know it’s not just me. I need to keep telling myself not to take this game too seriously… but have to admit I let it get to me sometimes. But if I throw my phone it will be at a soft pillow :wink:

GL to you in the tournament!


I don’t think I’ve ever hated battling as much as I do right now


This is the crap I’m going up against at 4800… My dino range is 21-25… This dude should be top 250 at the least…

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Wow 4800? They need to fix matchmaking

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The top guy in his guild is in top 75 and has lesser dinos than this guy!

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I am glad it’s not happening only to me. I, also, had reached 5124 just to drop down to 4700s. Everyone is talking about tournaments, but I still don’t understand what tournaments are, lol. Could someone explain, please.

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