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Battling Without Being On


I think I’m all done battling. Insult to injury with the rng never in my favor, I signed on today to get the “you lost” battle summary instead of the map loading. I hadn’t been battling, all my slots were full and my 8hr incubator had just finished so I was logging on to open it. I don’t know why it was battling without me, but I dropped out of the Lockdown arena that I was in by quite a few battles. And now the rng is at its worse, and I’m now close to dropping from Badlands. Seriously seems like the game decides when you win or lose and now the glitch makes me wonder just how often that may occure. I wont bother to ask if anyone else has had this happen to them, as no one ever answers. But Ludia, please explain why my game was fighting on its own enough times to drop me from an arena I had finally clawed my way to. And please fix your rng. I had a stegocero take out 3 dinos and only got hit once because I just kept getting stun again and again, locked and unable to do anything.


In some cases, connectivity issues result in losing battles that players either aren’t able to enter, battles where you hit the “cancel” button but it didn’t cancel properly, etc. If you’re fairly certain that you dropped a significant number of trophies for no apparent reason, it might not hurt to get in contact with Ludia’s support team. Not sure if they’ll be able to do anything for you, but it’s worth a try. Be aware that it may take 7-10+ days for them to get back to you due to the volume of support tickets that they receive on a daily basis.

As far as being “stun-locked” goes, as some players like to call it upon facing Stegoceratops, Einiasuchus, etc., I highly recommend making adjustments to your team to include creatures with the “Immune” ability that cannot be afflicted by stuns. This includes Dimetrodon, Postimetrodon, Ankylocodon, and I-Rex, among others.

Best of luck and happy hunting!


Except all my immune dinos are much lower in levels to my team dinos.
Not to mention I said I wasn’t battling last I was playing, but trying to determine if it was worth going outside at midnight to the edge of my yard to get a Delta into range (it wasnt cuz soon as I got to the door it disappeared). I had all incubator slots full, why bother fighting if I’m not going to get one? On top of that it had been over 8 hours since I had played last because I had a gold incubator and was logging on to open it.


It’s just a suggestion. If you don’t think it’s worth the time and coin investment, then don’t bother. It’s your team–you can adjust its members however you see fit.

I also understand (and read the first time) that you said you weren’t battling at the time. That doesn’t mean the game didn’t glitch or think that you were in a battle session when you really weren’t. If it happens repeatedly, I sincerely recommend getting in contact with Ludia’s support team.


It isn’t the time or coin investment that’s the issue. It’s the fact no immune dinos spawn here. On average it’s allosaurs, stegosaurs, and parasaurolophus. Around evening some raptors pop up, einoceras, majungasaurs, and suchomimus. Rare shows are apatasaurus, and nundasuchus which I have been using for 2 hybrids yet they are now suddenly not spawning. It’s very rare if something other than those pop up, and usually its amargasaurus or weurhosaurus. No dimetrodon, no kaprosuchus, nada.