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Battling Yourself in the Tournament

So I decided to get the tournament done on both accounts at the same time and would hit the battle button at the same time and play both accounts together. On the 3rd battle, I got to play myself.

On the first battle, I won and lost. On the 2nd battle, I won on both. Then I played myself and won and lost.

Got my 10 take downs so I’m done for the weekend. Honestly, they should make it so you keep gaining points for any win and/or every 10 take downs. I would play more. Often on some of these tournaments, it’s a bear just to get the 10 take downs and even a win but I would keep at it if there was something to gain by those.

The problem with after a loosing streak, a couple of wins just doesn’t get you anything if you can’t get back up to where you started so I just give it up cause it’s not helping my alliance any. I mean unless I just want to battle to get in the daily for battles.