Baulder’s Gate 3

Related but unrelated… for those if you who were a fan of Baulder’s Gate from a few decades ago, there’s a third one in production. It’s being developed by the “Original Sin” people. And, if you haven’t played OS (1 or 2), then lucky you - you’re in for a treat ($20 or less for the original on PC and PS4/Xbox; the other is about $30). I won’t provide a link for the BG trailer, but a quick search will find it for you.

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I was a bit apprehensive when I heard that BG3 would be done by Larian Studios, because I never got around to trying the Divinity series… but then a friend told me that they included a perk to speak to animals along with ACTUAL DIALOGUE with animals…

I have complete faith in BG3 now. :smiley: